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Stake Welfare and Community Relief 
Welfare and Relief Web Site, Moore, Oklahoma
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Use of This Site
This site allows for the submission of relief requests online so that they might be assigned quickly to volunteer crews. To submit a relief request please click the link to the top left.  The login area is also linked on the left and requires a user name and password to make assignments and to view status of work orders. Please contact FastCommand for password permission.

Stake Command Center 405-794-5414
#505 North Santa Fe Avenue
Moore, Oklahoma  73160 (MAP)

Relief Map of Moore, Reference For Relief Requests

Current Directives, Schedules, Weather, and Info
This site is also available for assignment information, guidance, schedules, weather, and other important information.  Please see the links to the left for important service and volunteer information or tools.

Up-Coming Storm Relief and Service
We will be asking volunteers to travel some distances to serve to help those in need. We thank you for your service and your willingness to give of your time and  means. Heavenly Father will bless you and your family because you are willing to give so much.

Tornado Relief
We will mostly be helping with debris removal, some tree removal and tarps on roofs. *We ask that you bring as many of the following items as possible as our supplies are limited. Please dress for hot or rainy weather

Safety is always a concern when volunteers travel, and work in disaster areas.  PLEASE BE SAFE!! If there is any question in your mind about undetaking something that might risk safety, DON'T DO IT!!!

Assistance For This Site  1-800-264-3932
805-432-3476 (Brother Ludlow)